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Malcolm Goodman and Dr. Jeff Berger founded Sourcetone in 2004, a research-driven, health-focused music streaming company. Malcolm’s desire to produce and create music to enhance well-being and Jeff’s long-term commitment to health and growth helped forge the concept for Sourcetone’s vision. From these fundamental ideas, a world-class, interdisciplinary research team developed Sourcetone’s Music Classification System Technology MCST™ evaluative system as a result of years of ongoing research conducted at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School studying the effects of music on health, mood and performance.




Malcolm Goodman and Dr. Jeff Berger founded Sourcetone based on the pioneering Music Classification System Technology® (MCST™).


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School commences ground-breaking research, spearheaded by Dr.Gottfried Schlaug, a leading neurologist and music/brain researcher. Sourcetone attracts a world-class team of composers, music theorists, behavioral and medical scientists and physicians, as well as, music analysts and programmers to redefine the boundaries of musical possibility.


The first MCST™ software is developed by Dr. Robert Rowe, who also serves as Director of New York University’s Music and Performing Arts Department.


The MCST™’s effectiveness is validated by Centercode, Inc., an independent beta test service. The report reveals a high accuracy response from subjects testing an early version of Sourcetone Radio.


A free beta Sourcetone Radio Player is launched online for data collection and software development.

The MCST™ is advanced through greater accuracy and speed of music–induced mood, activity, and health.


Sourcetone finalizes commercial rights holders agreements.

Sourcetone partners with 7Digital, a global digital media platform company and integrates 7Digital’s music library with Sourcetone’s technologies.

Sourcetone’s Music Library acquires over 12 million classified songs, adding 400,000 new songs per month.


The Sourcetone Radio App was launched on November 6, 2013 as a successful seven week proof of concept that included data collection outcomes.