Introducing Sourcetone Radio

The Sourcetone Radio App allows you to experience music in a totally new way! Select music based on how you want to feel, and listen while enjoying the activities you love. Whether you're running, dining, driving, dealing with stress or anxiety, or just need a musical pick-me-up,­ the Sourcetone Radio App has 21 channels to enhance your mood, activity or health.
Application Features

Genre & Timeline

Got a problem with certain genres?

Never a problem with the Sourcetone Radio App. Simply access the setup page to select and de-select from a list of genres.

You can fine tune your song playlists even further by using our exclusive Date Range slider to specify the timeline your songs will be selected from. And that's not all. Use the Fine Tune Your Mood sliders to tweak your song selections to be less or more positive, and less or more exciting than the channel default settings. Once the Radio App gets to know you better, it will be serving up tracks you're going to love while accompanying, enhancing, addressing or bettering the Mood, Activity or Heath condition you desire.



What am I listening to?

Find out, share with friends or add to your own song collection by purchasing songs via the Radio App’s Metadata page. It’s always within reach. While there, you can also customize your experience using the thumbs up and down icons on an artist, song and album basis for each and every song played. This will help the Radio App to get to know you better and make song selections that are more to your liking over time.

Create Stations


1Step ONE

Personalized Stations

Have fun coming up with your own radio stations! Create one and share it with friends. The right sonic elixir can make your day by setting you in motion, lifting your spirits or simply getting you focused on whatever task lies ahead. Follow these steps to begin…


2Step TWO

Create Your Station

Access the Station Creation page using the radio tower icon in the menu bar after you've selected one of Sourcetone's 21 preset channels in the opening menu. There are eight Mood, seven Activity and six Health channels to choose from. Pick the channel that is closest to whatever kind of mood you'd like to achieve, activity you'd like accompaniment for or health condition music can benefit.

Custom Genres

3Step Three

Custom Genres

Customize your listening experience by first selecting which genres your station will include, and then the Date Range of your station. If you're in a Mood channel, use the mood sliders to fine tune the characteristics of song selections. You can tweak them to be less or more positive and less or more exciting than the default settings for that channel. When you're done, give it a great name. You can share your stations with other Sourcetone users or simply keep it as your own.

Your Station Lists

4Step Four

Your Station Lists

Once you've created your station, select it to begin listening! Ten minutes of your newly-created "Mid Morning Chill" station will surely pull you back whenever things heat up too quickly at work. But don't stop there -- other Sourcetone listeners have probably created stations that will enhance almost any mood, activity or health condition you encounter. Just search the stations other Sourcetone listeners have created to find a truly unique playlist to experience! Best of all, there's no need for repetition. Sourcetone's song library can deliver enormous varieties of playlists, day after day, week after week. The sky's the limit!

*Coming Soon: Sourcetone Radio for iPhone!