Music streaming solutions for businesses


Sourcetone Licensing — Scalable Automated Music Programming

Sourcetone’s MCST™ Licensing

Enterprise-level classification software available for businesses, radio stations and companies that have large digital file music libraries.

Classify your music library into Sourcetone’s proprietary Mood, Activity and Health playlists. Useful for online/offline automated classifications and music programming optimization in near real time.


Sourcetone Streaming Music For Mobile Apps

The Sourcetone Radio App

Sourcetone Radio can be streamed directly to your smartphone for listening while enjoying the activities you love. Running, dining, driving, dancing– the Sourcetone Radio App has a station to enhance your activity or mood. Over 12 million songs keep em’ coming and turn you on to new sounds.

The Sourcetone Classifier App

Use your own music library on your smartphone to tap into the Sourcetone experience. Your entire music collection can be classified by our patent-pending MCST™ software into our 21 Mood, Activity and Health channels so you can enjoy your music in a completely new way.


Music Streaming For Your Business — Sourcetone B2B

The Sourcetone Widget

A customizable standalone music player that sits on your company’s website. Companies select from any of our 21 Mood, Activity and Health channels. You can customize music to enhance your company’s branding experience and help customers stick around.


Streaming Music For Public Spaces — On-location Commercial Branding

Sourcetone’s Music for Public Spaces

Unique Sourcetone features packed into a turnkey music streaming solution for commercial locations including retail, fitness centers, airports, malls, schools and hospitals. A user-friendly web-controlled dashboard panel facilitates remote control of Mood, Activity or Health music content and scheduling at each location.

*All Sourcetone products include the following features: genre and sub-genre selection, timeline, mood personalization, as well as demographic customization capabilities.